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Cheesy Potato Soup - Page 2 of 2

We all have our favorite comfort foods. As for me, one of my personal favorites is a loaded baked potato soup, like the one in this cheesy potato soup recipe. I want it when the weather is cold, when I am feeling blue or when I just want to eat potato soup. It's hot, it's filling, and it's comforting.

Breakfast Tacos with Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa

Breakfast Tacos with Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa - Definitely a favorite comfort food around here! Can sub a package of frozen diced potatoes but the homemade refried beans are a must in my opinion! Same recipe works for burritos too.

Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Kale Soup

Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Kale Soup. So easy, full of flavor, protein, goodness and just a few ingredients. | |

I love sweet potato's especially when they are made on the savory side! These sweet potato medallions are a great side to any meal they go with just about anything and it's a great way to sneak in a veg filled with important vitamins and a good healthy carb! Make these at the beginning of the week so you have a nice side to any meal all week long. These are filled with flavor and combine two of my favorite seasonings to pair together thyme & garlic . Bake these tonight and give them a try I…

Sweet potato mini empanadas

I remember when I was little my grandma in mexico and my mom would always make empanadas both sweet and savory. This a sweet empanada recipe you can use any sweet filing. I like sweet potato but you can do canned pie filling as well. My kids love this recipe and they love to make them. They remind me of my grandmas empanadas.

Potato Recipes

Taste of Home Potato Recipes - This round-up includes favorite recipes for all sorts of spuds, from mashed to au gratin, scalloped to double-stuffed. Try a new dish today.