Old New York Wall Calendar: “East Side, West Side, all around town”: this 2013 nostalgia calendar features archival black-and-white images that recall the days when the Dakota building was in wilderness territory and Times Square was Longacre Square. Quotations from such notables as E. B. White, Thornton Wilder, and John F. Kennedy accompany the historic photographs. http://www.calendars.com/New-York-City/Old-New-York-2013-Wall-Calendar/prod201300003669/?categoryId=cat00824=cat00824#

Times Square, 1919 — World Series results on remote scoreboard. The cross roads of the world have sure changed.

October 3, 1872: Brothers Joseph and Lyman G. Bloomingdale open their first store at 938 Third Avenue. "Bloomingdale's Great East Side Bazaar," wood engraving, undated. Department of Prints, Photographs and Architecture Collections, New-York Historical Society, 88647d.

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