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TOP (I admire his style.)

Don't know TOP? You're not Asian. KHottie of the week splains all and delivers a little monkey magic too.

Ridiculously photogenic TOP

Crowd of people watching me strut like I'm on the catwalk? Questioning my sexuality in this flowy skirt as I strut down a catwalk? Too funny!

He's like, "Oh, you caught me being silly. Here's a great smile to erase that memory." GIF (Top Bigbang Army)

Seeing TOP smile is honestly the best thing in the world

This.  This is Accurate.    T.O.P... Although I'd rather have him on the zebra instead of inside it....

Others vs me


T.O.P - Guys I'm trying to stopping pinning pictures of gorgeous Korean men, but I can't.

#t.o.p only one: Photo

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) ♡ Alive Tour 2012 // this is too gorg