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If your heart was really broken you'd be dead So by BAYMOONSTUDIO, $1.50

Hairdressers Get toTease and Blow at the Same Time - Pinback Button or MAGNET - inch round

Being a mom can be a struggle. It's just plain hard at times. Here is an article filled with tips and advice on how to survive and find more joy, humor, & inspiration in your parenting.

How to SURVIVE Being Smothered in Motherhood

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They will only learn this when they have children of their own. And then the cycle repeats itself.

Top 35 Funny Minion Memes

Minions have really taken internet by storm, they are every where, and now their funny hilarious quotes are popping out which are really cool, so I have collected some hilarious minions memes menti…

best funny inspirational quotes

"Celery is water & not pizza.and this is why I can do without celery.

*snort* yup that'd be me. grace and poise of crackhead rhino by beanforest on Etsy

grace and poise of crackhead rhino - funny weird - pinback button badge Hahah.

Adorable and funny but... I hate to be pedantic, but I think it's a sea lion if it has ears, right?

Seals are just Dog Mermaids. Think about it. Well, let's see, my childhood is ruined, everything I thought I knew about life and animals.


I hate when I think I'm buying ORGANIC vegetables, but when I get home I discover they're just REGULAR donuts.

Insanity doesn't through my family -

Funny pictures about Insanity in my family. Oh, and cool pics about Insanity in my family. Also, Insanity in my family.

Urgently Needed: a Hate Deflection button

Only things that I truly hate are liars, fakers, back stabbers, two faced people like my ex. And animal cruelty! All these this truly poison my mood!


Anne Taintor → hurry, dear… if you miss the bus you’ll have to walk ’cause mommy can’t drink and drive

This is so far from true, I shouldn't even acknowledge it. Who writes this shit? Ya, I'm looking at you, America...

i hold doors open until they say thankyou, then let them close because i already got the thankyou

Funny pictures about Holding doors. Oh, and cool pics about Holding doors. Also, Holding doors photos.