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Those people drive me nuts. It's called "swagger" and "you only live once", you meatheads. (via A Man's Point Of View)

via Nan on Facebook [https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/935797_300435320089653_108159180_n.jpg]

There is no reason to tailgate someone in the slow lane. Especially when I'm going 35 mph over the speed limit.those flashing lights on top of your car look ridiculous too!


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Hats off to the Bros

For anytime bro just doesn't cut it. I want to call y brother Han brolo now.

internet killed the video store

Internet Killed The Video Store

I miss Reno 911...Terry and the Grape Slushies especially.

No one’s saying you can’t eat a banana, Terry. But you can’t stand on the corner sucking on it for 30 minutes. You have to actually take a bite.

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Mom Aerobics

My favorite kind of exercise! It was always the cool thing to help dad open the wine bottles (:

Oops already pinned it.... lol.

Oops already pinned it.... lol.

Said no fly ever

I'll hold open a window or door for a fly and it doesn't move!


Ann Romney secretly glad - Funny joke with smiling Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney who lost 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama: "Ann Romney secretly glad she doesn't have to move into a smaller house.