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American History Makeover: "enhanced eviction," "enhanced employment," "enhanced accomodation," and "enhanced interrogation" Follow this link to find a short video and analysis of how euphemism is used to frame news stories: Artist: Mike Luckovich AJC

Time will reveal All. When the Shit does hit the fan (it will) somehow it will be Obama's fault!!

1/13/17 1:54a Death

As a constitutional American, I say you can't have it both ways. Suck it up buttercup.

"Trump is way too cozy with Putin." sez the Prez, as he cosies up to his pals Cuba and Iran. Pot kettle black? Yup.

Funniest Post-Election Memes

Funniest Post-Election Memes: SNL Security Briefing

ENCORE CARTOON: Dismal learning is not the path to success

WILL DO TIME! Don the Con Trump