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Celtic House Blessing - Cast Paper - Irish home blessing - Scottish - Celtic Knot Work - housewarming gift - realtor closing gift - wall art

Cat Familiar Blessing Spell Digital Download Book of Shadows Pages - Wiccan - Witch - Spells - BOS - Familiar Spell Ritual Blessing

Weekly Home Blessing is an hour to an hour & 10 minute focus on cleaning your house. With FlyLady we choose Monday as our Weekly Home Blessing day. You can participate with us. Grab a timer and do the tasks below 10 minutes at a time. Now don't obsess just work until the timer goes off and then move to the task. You can't obsess over this. Getting something done is better than nothing! We do this every Monday but if Mondays are hard for you pick a different day or do a task a day!

Home Blessing: Smoke of Air and Fire or Earth, cleanse and bless this home and hearth. Drive away all harm and fear; only good may enter here. #bos #witchcraft

Family Home Blessings Glass Block Decal Tile Mirrors DIY Decal for Glass Blocks Family Home Blessings

Custom House Blessing - Personalized Home Blessing - Jewish Judaica Wall Art Print - Hebrew English - Jewish home gift - Holidays gift

House Home Blessing - Jewish Judaica Art - Signed Print - Circle of flowers - Holidays, House Gift. $20.00, via Etsy.