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I love my orchids...they love me back...

I love my orchids.they love me back.

love my plants...

love my plants.


you might be a redneck if.you wear ur hat backwards and u have a tan line from it, (wonder what this could be called, not a farmers tan but?

I see Larry The Cable Guy is having another cookout.

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azalea tree....

azalea tree....

Garden Alligators made from Recycled tires

Funny pictures about Alligators from recycled tires. Oh, and cool pics about Alligators from recycled tires. Also, Alligators from recycled tires.

Lighting for backyard  Would love a photo of what this looks like at night.

Lighting for backyard. Under day light, the rusty color is an eye catcher in the green garden, when it is dark, light up those lanterns, those flower and birds carvings create beautiful shadows like haiku.

Paint rocks with glow paint... Totally magical at night!

paint rocks with glow in the dark paint fun craft ideas. I like the painting idea just not glow in the dark