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Ladybug Photo #183

So what nonexistent issue are we freaking out about today? Why am I always surrounded by people freaking out about nonexistent issues?

Lucky Seven Spot Lady bug...Ladybugs have been coming in the house with Brian lately...

Lucky Seven Spot Lady bug.Ladybugs have been coming in the house with Brian…

Homestead Survival: How To Start a Ladybug Garden DIY To Avoid Pesticides

Live Ladybugs - Hirt's Gardens - Approximately 1550 ladybugs. They are great for gardens, as they eat many pests such as aphids and mealy bugs.


Einblicke in das Leben eines Marienkäfers (© REX/Marc O'Sullivan)

ladybug on blade of grass #HarpersBAZAAR #SpringStyle

Okay well this might not be in my garden shed and hopefully I get these all over my garden itself. I'm hoping all you try to not kill ladybugs, they are some of the best friends plants can have!