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Lacebark ~ Hoheria populnea. A small tree producing attractive flowers in late summer and autumn.

Pennywort ~ Hydrocotyle elongata. A tiny creeping herb that is found prolifically on the forest floor or damp open sites covering the ground or emerging between fallen leaves. Plants are frequently seen along the sides of tracks in the Waitakeres. The leaves have five lobes edged with tiny pointed teeth. The flowers are inconspicuous.

Waitakere Rock Hebe - Hebe bishopiana. The only tree or shrub still considered to be truly unique to the Waitakeres. Discovered by John J. Bishop (1865–1933), amateur botanist who lived in Titirangi. Small, widely branching shrub with dark maroon stems. The young leaves have a maroon mid-vein on the underside, and the very newest leaves are maroon all over. See it on the track to the top of Mt Donald McLean. Story in 'Titirangi, Fringe of Heaven' by Marc Bonny.

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