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Hospital Signs Make Me Laugh!

They really are friendly

They really are friendly

Why didn't they send me here first?

Funny Store Names/Signs

Up Shit's Creek Without a Paddle? We've all been there, but never knew where to find the paddle.

where is this store?

Another unfortunate case of bad kerning (letter spacing) and poor font choice! This is why it is important to hire a professional to design your logo!

REALLY?! They couldn't tell that it looked like a GINORMOUS Kotex when they manufactured it!! WTH? LOL!

~ Yo mama is sO fat .

Testicle festival

Testicle festival

just sayinggg

A humorous sign: (irony of criticizing idiots with a sign containing grammar mistakes is not lost on me) “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, you’d bett…

posted by Larry the Cable Guy

we wont fart in your car.

ho ho

ho ho

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

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Grand Opening for a business named “Hand Job” Nails & Spa

Jenna, remember?  I have my hooker.

I have my hooker.

LOL!  Who does this?

Tis the season! In every neighborhood, homeowners are scaling ladders and shuffling on rooftops to dangle ornaments and hang holiday lights to get their home into the holiday spirit. This year, t…

*snicker* (careful, click-through site isn't for everyone)

South Lake Union Trolley (the S.) was the original name for the South Lake Union Streetcar that carries passengers from downtown to South Lake Union. Seattlites will forever refer to it as the SLUT.