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Beautiful bedside setting with a vintage rosary. I must say, although my Bible is pretty-well read, it doesn't have that same antique charm that this lovely leather pocket one does.

A website on how to pray the Rosary: with a list of the Mysteries and which to say today

You may wonder, what is a rosary and what is the meaning of the rosary beads. It's a simple Catholic Prayer that you can learn how to pray easily. Your curiosity answered here with a rosary diagram, instructions and the meaning of the rosary.

How to Pray Rosary Prayer

7 Best Images of Printable Rosary Pamphlet Fold - How to Pray the Rosary Pamphlet Printable, How to Say the Rosary Pamphlet Printable and How to Pray Rosary Prayer

How to pray the rosary infographic

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Teach the Prayers of the Rosary and How to pray the Rosary with St. Anne's Helper's Free Rosary Diagram.

6+ Rosary Diagrams and Rosary Cards to Print

This chart has the Catholic Rosary prayers and a diagram of which bead on which to pray which prayer. Great for Catholic converts and teaching Catholic children's prayers. They also have a color-in quiz one

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How to pray the rosary explained with pictures, so you can teach your children. Find the explanation of the Hail Mary Prayer, the Lords prayer and other prayers that are said during the Rosary prayer.

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Beautiful Catholic Colorful Rosary

You Will Love This Beautiful Catholic Colorful Rosary. Made of High Quality Materials (Polymer Clay). - Helps guide the Rosary Prayer. - Brings you closer to God.