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I'm fighting so hard but I love this ❤ barrier is now 83% broken

I dont ship it because Izaya is Mine but the story behind it touches my heart.

Shinra looks like he's about to jizz himself...and Dotachins like "WTF?!"

Shizu-chan à, Izaya của anh có phải cái đĩa hay cái ly đâu =v=

Shizzy and Izzy......I really miss them! Durarara, Y U NO have a season 2? ;___; edit: So I heard there's gonna be a season 2?!? GAWD, I'm so excited!

If Durarara was set in the Stone Age, I’m sure something like that would have happened! Hehe, well this is the “different” DRRR comic I was talking about last time… xD I have some free time now and I want to draaaaaw guys in skirts more comics and stuff!

Awww!! ❤

Shizaya: Are you Cold? *^* Orihara Izaya x Heiwajima Shizuo, Yaoi, Love, Hate, Durarara!

Izaya Orihara~ ~ Durarara!!

Izaya Orihara~ ~ Durarara!!