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Project Suntan Somewhere near Boron, CA This was the engine testing site for a secret Air Force project from the 50's to develop high altitude reconnaissance aircraft using liquid hydrogen as fuel, the Lockheed CL-400 Suntan. The project was abandoned in favor of the SR-71 Blackbird, but would remain classified until 1973. Now people take old televisions out here and shoot them.

Bieber Mill near Delaware, Ohio - Remains of an old mill along the Olentangy River between Columbus and Delaware, reminiscent of an old world ruins, not typical in Ohio.

Shale Oil Works abandoned in 1952. Glen Davis, Capertee Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Located at the base of the western side of the Blue Mountains, ~ 3 hours drive from Sydney. More http://www.pinterest.com/deyzel/group-abandoned-ghost-towns-structures/

The abandoned swimming pool is about all that’s left of the old Rose Island Amusement Park, destroyed in the 1930’s when the Ohio River flooded. After all these years, it still holds water. twhrider (Louisville)

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