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This dog is the sweetest lovey-ist pupper ever. All she wants is a snuggle and a pet and a warm body to cuddle with. She also has the WORST breath I've ever encountered. EVER. I'm surprised you can see a noxious green dog in front of her snout right now. My eyes are watering and I can't breathe. #sendhelp #puppers #dogsofinstgram #dogs #yorkiesofinstagram #yorkie #hairybaby #fourleggedchildren #dogbreath #sendamask #oroxygen #dotheymakedoggiemints #whereistonystarkwhenineedhim…

Perfect Petzzz Huggable Breathing Yorkie Puppy Dog #PerfectPetzzz

OMG! Jessie - our TINY Yorkie pup is not only super small but also very smart, cuddly and affectionate. She loves giving puppy breath kisses to any nose on her way. Don't wait, make this amazing bundle of joy yours today.

How to Get Rid of Your Yorkie's Bad Breath From Funfactnews

New baby yorkies. Nothing sweeter than puppy breath.

Fuzzy McFarkleton is an adoptable Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Dog in Elk Grove Village, IL. Phone: 630-775-1819 Email: Puppyfoster101@aol.com Est. DOB: 3/18/13 Puppy breath, soft fur, a round belly, b...

Oscar is an adoptable Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie searching for a forever family near Baton Rouge, LA He is totally free of mange and has a complete gorgeous body of hair now, completed heartworm treatment and just had his dental and is enjoying his pearly whites and fresh breath.!

This is my "Little Man"/Mini Yorkie Terrier/10yrs This Little Man &Me/we went 2 Vet 2day b/c he's been struggling 2 breath/DX was congestive heart failure/worse b/c extreme hot/humid weather we have! He's 10 yrs old/still My "Little Man"/he's now on 4 meds Lasix/hypertensive/Heart Med/cough Med 2 help his wheezing! He'd lost 1/4 lb/now 3.75lbs/of pure love/$200 later! I took him 2 Dairy Queen 4 a "puppy cup" of ice cream/Mom & Dad a cone & a cry/Vet said meds would eventually not work/We'll…

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