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This Beautiful Struggle: If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart

"If you think my hands are full. You should see my heart" Full Hands Full Heart Art Print by ellolovey on Etsy

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Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

Words added on pinwords.com

Words added on pinwords.com

Words added on pinwords.com

Words added on pinwords.com

Your 19 year old vagina shouldn't have been fucking another womans husband of 10 years Go play your righteous boo hoo act on someone who doesn't know the truth . Oh yea like your facebook and twitter followers YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON 4 REAL

When all you're good at is talking about other people, it's probably time to reevaluate your life. We just do the right things, take care of our kids, work/study/volunteer and continue to be real people. Wish others would do the same!

Competion october 2013-better than last year-more to go. Niki Howard

Competion october than last year-more to go.

If you were the victim, You wouldn't be in hiding, you would have confronted these "so called"issues of complete falesy !!! Actions always speak louder than words my dear! Keep convincing yourself otherwise! I wish you well with your life though :) just leave us alone. clearly this still bothers you,and if it does, than fix it, confront it and move the hell on! I'm so sick of your dramatics. Grow up and do something about it instead of hide and run you big ass mouth constantly! End it and…

You can't heal what you refuse to confront. and I don't like to confront.