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Diabetes Emergency Kit Checklist

Diabetes Emergency Kit Checklist

When disaster strikes, having a diabetes emergency action plan is key. Stay safe during and after a storm or other unforeseen urgent situations by making an emergency "go" bag with essential diabetes supplies.

#HAAwards - Best in Show: Facebook Nominee - During Diabetes Awareness Month she posted a new fact or tip every day about diabetes. She really helped to raise awareness.

Cool to know we're not the only ones who did the cottonball in the diaper thing!

The Best Diabetes iPhone and Android Apps of 2015

The Best Diabetes Apps of 2017

The Best Diabetes iPhone & Android Apps of 2015

Diet For Children With Type 1 Diabetes | LIVESTRONG.COM

Diet for Children With Type 1 Diabetes

The USDA is considering nutritional guidelines that ensure schools sell healthy snacks and drinks. signatures on petition)

4 Tips for Organizing your Diabetes Supplies

Consider adding your diabetes supplies to the list of household items that need some organization. Here are 4 tips for organizing your diabetes supplies.

10 Gifs That Nail What It's Like To Have Diabetes

10 Gifs That Nail What It's Like To Have Diabetes

Here are 10 funny gifs that describe what it's like to have diabetes.

Moms’ Best Diabetes Supply Tips and Tricks

The steady stream of stuff diabetes care requires can seem endless! From ordering to organizing to upcycling leftovers, six moms share ideas for managing their stash.

Diabetes Supplies, Diabetes Posters, Diabetes Travel Bag

Diabetes Management Plan Home Poster - Diabetes Posters - Diabete-Ezy

I think there is soooo much more that they need to teach before shoving you back out into the world.

Sometimes true & sometimes no one can really answer these questions for you. Ask questions and try to talk openly with your child. Diabetes Camp and other support groups can help!

Understanding Diabetic Eye Disease: Keeping Your Sight

Protect Your Sight Infographic Visit a retina specialist annually for a dilated Retina eye exam. It's the best way to detect changes in vision

What Is Diabetes? by Nada-AbdulRazak on deviantART

Watch This Hilarious Take on Life with Diabetes from the Queen of Diabetic Comedy! | The Diabetes Site Blog

Hilarious Things People with Diabetes Say

In honor of Diabetes Awareness month this type 1 diabetic gives us a comedic performance of

Great new blog for tips on raising a child with type 1 diabetes. This is a post on back to school tips.

This is a post on back to school tips.

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diabetes is insulin dependent diabetes also called as Juvenile diabetes.

Beware of illegally sold diabetes treatments

Inventive ways for kids to manage their diabetes These tools are good for the parents and families of diabetic children as well