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Sugar-Free Recipes

Sugar-Free Recipes

The Flash animation removed for legal reasons from because it had the Immigrant Song in it. OR SO THEY SAY! From recent intelligence, the real reason could be because totally hosed the servers. That actually sounds more logical.

My Sugar-Free Journey: Part 1

Part 2 of my journey to become sugar free. In this part, I share some of my substitutions and resources I'm using on my journey.

How to Actually Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How to Actually Keep Your New Years' Resolutions

New Habits for the New Year

Happy Vikings Blog,Habits,New Years,For The

Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half (or more!)

Overpaying for cell phone service is an epidemic. Check yourself out of that disaster. 

The Day I Became a Rational Minimalist

The Day I Became a Rational Minimalist — Happy Vikings

Negative Income

Negative Income — Happy Vikings

My Best Laundry Line Tips

Hanging laundry on a line is pleasant and frugal. I walk through a step by step, visual guide on how I set up my laundry line and hang my laundry to dry every day.