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I hate it when my bestfriend isn't at school. quotes quote words word sayings saying quotes & things best friends bff love friendship

2/22/14- she also has the ability to be a really good friend. She is nice to everyone she meets and try's to find the good in everything and everyone. She wants to be friends with everyone. She also gets along well with others because she is excepting and treats everyone equally.

My best friends problems are my problems quotes friendship quote friends best friends bff friendship quotes teen friend quotes teen quotes bffs best friend quotes

@Emma Gast  peace✌KABOOM

My best friends seem to understand me when I can't understand myself or my choices. I love you girls!

Best friend quote life quote appreciate true friends

so true sweet Best friend you know who you are a i wanna tell you that i love you sooo very much and you mean a lot to me and no matter what.

@Shelby Winslow :)

then i have friends that are not true. My friends make the good times better but they make the hard times harder. The hard times is when we in fights. But that only 2 of my friends.

. Examples of said trouble: Throwing wheelchairs across the room, hitting others over the head with our canes, refusing to leave the dining room or take our meds, eating random items, escaping and falling in ditches...:)

We'll be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes. (My Grandma and her friend Ms.

Hahaha @Tess Pias Pias Amero sorry for the curse word at the end but i just HAD to pin it.

you fight I fight,you hurt I hurt, you cry I cry, you jump off a bridge, I get in a paddle boat and save your stupid ass

Best friends find their way back. Even after not talking to each other for pretty much a year even though they saw you all the time. Because best friends are worth it. But sisters are even better.

Friends come and go, so does a best friend. But best friends will always find their way back.

Friends come and go, and so does a best friend. But best friends will always find their way back. Capoccia , true story for us!


I love you because you’re awesome. Your awesomeness is one if the many things I love about you too!