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Mourning Ring C. 1800-My great- grand-father - Capt.Peter MacKenzie, was a ships captain and was lost at sea at the age of 45 when his ship and all hands on board sank off the coast of Newfoundland in the 1800's.

Ancient sea legends and Medieval bestiaries claimed that the whale was as big as an island and grew bushes on its backside. It was said that mariners, mistaking the creature for land, would anchor their ships to its side, come ashore, and light fires. The beast, feeling the heat of the fires would plunge into the sea taking hapless crews and ships to their watery deaths.

Ahhhh...l think people get hung up on the useage of particular words that others may find offensive...there ARE words could totally replace that!! I mean people expect to hear THOSE these days, but if you hit 'em with a solid "GEE WHIZ!" or a hardened "GOSH GOLLY!"...well THAT would be unforgettable! :)