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You are more than a number the a scale....I know those toes!

This number does not define you! It should not control what kind of day you are having. This number does not determine your beauty or worth. You are more than the number on the scale.

The number on this scale will not tell you:

The number on this scale will not tell you: what a good person you are; how much your friends & family love you; that you are kind, smart, funny & amazing in ways numbers cannot define; that you have the power to choose happiness; your own self worth.

Happy Friday! What were your Non-Scale Victories this week?

"The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force,.

When you type in how long it takes you to run a mile on jog.fm, you get a playlist of songs with the right number of beats per minute. Download the list on iTunes, and baby, you were “Born to Run” (best for a 10-minute mile, by the way).

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Running music w/correct BPM. Type in how long it takes you to run a mile, and it will give you a list of songs that will keep you on pace (it gives you the right number of beats per minute). Also has a site for walking and cycling.

This needs to be embedded into every woman's mind. You do not have to be tiny to feel good and look and feel beautiful!

"Some women were born to be a size zero, some were not. Everyone's body image issues are real to them. I will never be a size zero.strive for HEALTH and WELLNESS not a number." I'm no size zero that's for sure.

... sigh ...

My inner fat girl

My life is a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to be fat. LOL, so true!

You are more important than this number

You're More Important than the Scale. Sometimes you just need a little reminder that getting healthy is way more important than getting skinny. Also you are not happy with the number it will eat you up inside its best to not check!

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the scale is stupid. you can be a "perfect weight" and be out of shape. you can be a larger number and have a ton of muscle. walk away from the scale and make healthier choices.

Wish I felt this way everyday...

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!