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Lily the Pom in her PJ's!

Lily the Pom in her PJ's!

Pommy Pom Pomeranians!

Pommy Pom Pomeranians!

c/o 'I Love My Pomeranian' Facebook Page.

haha my Pom and I will sit in my room on my floor and I can put my plate down next to her, leave the room, get a drink, and come back, and my food is untouched

Always a helper #pomeranian

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Super pom to the rescue

Pomeranian - Bold and Inquisitive

That's how Siena comes flying when I get my car keys!

Birthday Pom

You may trim any hair you wish; you may especially want to trim around the dog's tummy. Do this carefully and gently with a small electric trimmer. Using scissors is not recommended, as the dog may move or jump unexpectedly.