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Tell me who the monster is and always was ---the girls that judged her...... this made me cry

I knew when I saw the long cliff I thought crap what happened but when I saw the splat. My eyes widened and my heart melted. We need to stop bullying.>>this really got me thinking, it's so sad.

I feel like this is true for all of the signs

Horoscopes Quotes : QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Many times Capricorn and Pisces has cheered me up over the years. those two are fu

Virgo.... freaking hilarious! I love bleach!

There is some truth to this! I'm a cusp technically so the Virgo "bleach" applies more than Libra "glitter" and mozzarella sticks mos def for my daughter!

Yeah, this is true. I'm also just super silly, I love to make them laugh

Yo I blush so much I turn into a tomato lmao and I also stutter while talking and trips on their own feet.

Wow Scorpio n Sagittarius so direct❤️

The Signs Flirting. I am on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius this is the best.<<<i'm a scorpio

Ohmygosh how can I be so many different things at once. Am I really an ice queen or a bully?

"Emos" "Geeks" "Nerds" "Supportive BFFs" "Mysterious Hotties" "Stoners" "Teacher's Pet" "Rapper" "Weird Kids" "Artsy" "Cheats but never gets caught" "Smokes in the backyard" "Ice Queen" SCORPIO