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Prints by Masaaki Tanaka

artelino - Biography of Japanese printmaker Tanaka Masaaki.

Montana Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Montana Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Mourning cloaks belong to one of the larger families of butterflies known as "brush-footed butterflies" because of their small, hairy, brushlike front legs. The common name "mourning cloak" refers to

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metallic leaves- by Mariann Johansen-Ellis; Autumn leaf II a monoprint/monotype printed with natural leaves, inked up in etching inks, added gold and metallic inks.


i like this image as it is bold and bright and has limited colours which are repeated in a linear design; i can reflect this in my own work by using the repitition

Japanese Kaga Yuzen textile

Japanese Kaga Yuzen textile // origami paper, Popo, st, Chinese lacquered black inset carved with glass top table that amoo or grandma gave my parents. Folding paper as a kid on it with Popo