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Trichiotinus assimilis, a common Flower Chafer scarab beetle. A Beautiful Collection of Insects - In Focus - The Atlantic


Bees look like teddy bears with a work ethic. Bee portrait by Javier Replinger on


A collection of amazing macro photography shots for predator insects

HoneyBee working. #Honey #Bee extracts nectar from a flower as pollen grains stick to its body

Honey Bee extracts nectar from a flower as pollen grains stick to its body

Phasia hemiptera

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Insects often make us squirm, just the mere thought of getting up close with them could make our skins crawl.  Having said that, getting up close with the right camera gear and a good eye for composition can definitely produce some jaw-dropping shots. We collected 33 astonishing photos of some of the creepiest of crawlers

33 Astonishing Photos Of Insects That Are A Little Too Close For Comfort

A focus stack work of a dead fly. Note that i only use "found dead" insects in my stacked shots.I never kill insects for these shots

Macro Photography of Insects

A sleeping Megachild bee (Megachilidae, Anthidium punctatum) which has locked its mandibles tighly around a stalk the night before.