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Study: Risk of Food Allergies Only Minimally Higher in Siblings

Should younger siblings of children with food allergies be tested for allergy to foods even if they haven't shown symptoms?

What are reasonable accomodations for food allergies at schools?  This is an extremely informative article. Discusses 504 plans...etc.

Severe food allergies can be deadly and more and more people develop one or more food allergy. According to FAAN, more than 12 million Americans have food allergies (about of the population). The incidence of food allergy is highest in young.

Is Better Treatment Possible for Children With Food Allergies?

Is Better Treatment Possible for Children With Food Allergies?

Research conducted over the past few years, and now underway at our institution and others around the country, has generated promising developments in diagnosing and treating food allergies.

Exclude the Food, Not the child

In his book, Essential Allergy,Niels Mygind defines asthma as, "A lung disease characterised by: variable and reversible airwayobstruction;

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A Mother's Plea to People Who Don't Understand Food Allergies Will Break Your Heart

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Facts about food allergy symptoms. #Noshrimpforme #foodallergies

Especially the mouth first like tongue feels rocks or hot! Facts about food allergy symptoms.