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my preference, not my reality. Don't be a Hypocrite when Judging. Life Fact we may All want to live by.

Trust me u will reget all life you havent study today. So move ur ass, workout and go to study something. And study what ud like to. Not what ur parents want to.

words to live by

Ask her what she craved and she'd get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons. Also freedom. Especially freedom.

Best Cheryl Strayed quotes | "You don't have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you're holding."

Cheryl Strayed Quotes That Will Change Your Life

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Anyone willing to allow you to question their intentions is not worth your time. Nor is anyone who uses actions or words ment to disrespect. You are always enough and always worthy

"Sweetheart, the right guy will make you a priority. If you find yourself feeling like you're not good enough, it's because he's not good enough." - Steve Maraboli The right guy will make you his everything

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I'm the most laid back high maintenance person you will ever meet. All my people with anxiety are SO easy-going. until the anxiety strikes.