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everyone should work retail just once to learn how difficult people can be/ respect your retail workers! The customers are the hardest part of the job. -_- *also, just smile with "dead" eyes, it gets them every time.

why  yes in fact......it does hurt when I smile. :P

People do tend to treat clerks like their feelings don't matter, regardless of what kind of retail job you work at.

Yes, I LOVE getting yelled at for closed lanes. Thats why i sent my cashiers to have magaritas and decided to stay back to get yelled at!!!

i am always so frightening and rude to these kids, I must give them a complex about paying! No wonder kids end up being messed up adults and rude to workers lol!

Retail Robin - About to start shift, take a deep breath i hate my life

Retail Robin - Read 200 pages of Retail Robin Extra nice to retail workers from now on

Nope just wearing this uniform for fun hahaha....hate when customers/guests ask that

Nope just wearing this uniform for fun hahaha.hate when customers/guests ask that

No touchie!!!

Talking on the phone when I'm trying to help you is rude - Retail Robin

Nobody in line.." looks like you need something to do" NO, I really don't | Retail Robin

Retail Robin - like I was standing here PRAYING for someone to come over with leaky meat packages, 6 different cases of pop - yes I need to scan all of them - and expired coupons.

This drives me insane

You don't even know your total. do you even know how much you are spending? Think about that while I silently laugh at your stupidity.