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27 of the Most Successful Small Town Business Ideas

Wanting to start a business in your small town? Here are 27 successful small business ideas for you to consider:


10 WEEKS TO FIT PROGRAM (I'm currently on week 4 and I love it! A different weightlifting workout every day for 10 weeks - tons of moves and variety = muscle confusion and results.

Milk Jug Uses.  Over 15 different uses!

15+ Uses For Milk Jugs

Tommy Hilfiger | Annie Leibovitz #leibovitz

Tommy Hilfiger Releases 25th Anniversary Book

In the World of Diabetes, I Don’t Have the Answers

In the World of Diabetes, I Don't Have the Answers

By discounting young people, Britain’s mainstream political parties are heading for death-by-demographics


When Building an Online Brand, Start With the Foundation. Excellent article discussing the importance of a clear and focused brand mission and vision to grow from.

I think I like this.  Though we are, biblically, to live at peace with all men, in so far as we are able, sometimes it just doesn't work out.  And even though I wouldn't say anyone is my "enemy", there are definitely people in life I simply cannot live at peace with, and it's usually because I've "stood up for something" in my life.  It's a good thing.

you have enemies? that means you've stood up for something in your life. - winston churchill Knowing yourself and what you love, then stand up for it

I have been surprized at who my real friends turned out to be and so blessed that I have them... and they have me... friends for a lifetime.

Friendship - it’s all the little things that really... (~ A Colorful Mind)

Sibling Family Photo Session Inspiration Idea Swing Garden Grass Park Reserve Trees Green Outside Outdoors Sisters Two Brothers Cousins Pose Studio Home Lifestyle Location Kirra Photography

Free Scripture Print :: Psalm 23 :: The Grace Place :: www.thegraceplace.com.au

Free Scripture Print :: Psalm 23 :: The Grace Place :: www.thegraceplace.com.au

Pegboards. Julia loved to display her cookware publicly, which was avant-garde in the '60s. If you look closely, you can see that each pan's shape is outlined on the pegboard itself. This helped her organize everything and find what she needed quickly.Child in 1997, with her pans and pots proudly displayed.

This is Julia Child’s kitchen. See why it’s perfect.

Of course beloved chef Julia Child had an impressive kitchen. Besides multiple pantries and a professional-grade stove, one of the most telling things about her kitchen is the smart organization.