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Commission for of her character, the evil drow queen Ulvira Rylinndar It was fun working on this painting, I hope she enjoy it!

f Drow Elf Cleric w snake whips underdark Commission: Ulvira by iara-art on DeviantArt

Portada de Gardens of the Moon, de Steven Erikson, que NO he leido.  (lo pinta…

Anomander Rake, Lord of Moon's Spawn from Steven Erikson's 'Gardens of the Moon', the first novel in the Malazan Empire Series. Art by Michael Komarck

Rogue. Assassin. Thief. Desert inspiration. Blue Tabbard. Face mask with hood. Darlois (Firebrand Trilogy) http://kyradune.weebly.com/firebrand-trilogy.html

Armour for a more mysterious character but the blue robes attached to his armour show he is good natured. Pieces of this armour could be used for a good assassin type character.

'Drusala' reveals herself to be Morathi to Tyrion. She joins him, though they disguise this from the outside world as she now claims the identity of 'Riselle'. She tells Tyrion all about Teclis's involvement in the death of his daughter and Finubar. When they meet Tyrion tries to slay Teclis in a rage, and Teclis flees rather than harm his brother.

f Drow Elf Sorcerer portrait Miguel Regodon--Great drawing!