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The Elephant's Trunk in IC 1396  Image Credit & Copyright: J.C. Canonne, P. Bernhard, D. Chaplain & L. Bourgon

just–space: “The Elephants Trunk in IC 1396 : Like an illustration in a galactic Just So Story, the Elephants Trunk Nebula winds through the emission nebula and young star cluster complex IC in the high and far off constellation of Cepheus. Of.

Elephant's Trunk Nebula

This is "elephant's trunk nebula" Thank you, NASA!

Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy

NASA Releases Eight Stunning Never-Before-Seen Images of the Cosmos

NGC Glowing Gas in the Milky Way A region of glowing gas in the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way galaxy, NGC 3576 is located about light years from Earth. Such nebulas present a tableau of the drama of the evolution of massive stars, from the

Our universe ~ IC1396_SHO_do_over | by collirob

Greens and blues in the universe. So very pleasing to the eye.

Carina Nebula

This is so beautiful! A blue Purple Galaxy, this is definitely God's work of Art. It looks like paint splatter.

SHO Heart RevistedCredit: NASA/Hubble, color/effects thedemon-hauntedworld

SHO Heart Revisted Credit: NASA/Hubble, color/effects thedemon-hauntedworld

Stunning new picture of the Pillars of Creation ...These pillars, which stand about 7,000 light years away in the Eagle Nebula, aren't uncommon formations. They're made of cold hydrogen and dust, and they're actually on their way out.

Stunning new picture of the Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation Nebula - Twenty years after the initial iconic photo was taken, the Hubble telescope returns for a high-def shot. Those little finger-like protrusions sticking out on the edges of it?


“ IC The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula “ An ionized gas region located in the constellation Cepheus about light years away from Earth; it is commonly called the Elephant’s Trunk nebula because.