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Couldn't have said this better myself..." constantly telling us you’d never be able to foster because you can’t imagine letting go isn’t really the best way to show that support. Rather, it makes us feel misunderstood and alone in our mission, and in this mama’s opinion, that loneliness is absolutely the hardest part of fostering."

I used this approach with son #2, it didn't work out very well-he's extra sensitive and wants a warning before every consequence...#3 is being told NO when needed and he's much more flexible & happy, a little balance between the extremes is what's needed

Do you recognize the Do you recognize the need to build up your children every day, too? This list of phrases will encourage the child who hears them from a sincere parent. There are so many “voices” in this world telling our kids they don’t measure up. Behind every young child who believes in him, is a parent who believed in him first. Let’s go on the offensive and help our girls and boys see how truly wonderful they are. ~ Club31Women

so often, children are punished for being human. children are not allowed to have grumpy moods, bad days, disrespectful tones or bad attitudes, yet we adults have them all the time. None of us are perfect and we must stop holding out children to a higher standard of perfection that we can attain ourselves

Whether you want to tell them how great they were at their soccer game, or how much you love spending time with them, here are 66 positive and encouraging things to say to your child on a daily basis.

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