whitakerauction > Spring 2012 > Clothing > LOT 696 BEADED CHIFFON WRAP DRESS, Sleeveless black silk with fanciful floral beadwork in pink, rose, aqua, blue and gold with gold metallic embroidery, wrap back with deep V, scalloped hem.

Velvet Flapper Dress - 1920's......most people don't know but I love and when I can collect vintage dresses, I absolutely love this one!!! I had one made of similar material but it got torn up in a move...absolutely beautiful

Victorian Forest - corset tutu dress in olive green knitted cotton , gauze and fishnet boho gypsy pixie elf style. €211.00, via Etsy.

This winter I was on a search for the perfect button up pattern, and this shirt was my first make on that quest! I chose the pattern from a bit older Burda issue, from 02/2005. I love two piece sleeves and piecing on the back, all in all it's a nice pattern. I did make the mistake and trace the...

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