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The infamous giant "Footprint of God" in South Africa. It is approximately 5' tall, and it's embedded in granite!

Michael Tellinger, leader of the Ubuntu movement, stands next to the infamous giant footprint found in South Africa. It is approximately tall and it's embedded in granite! It's estimated to be 200 Million years old.

Take out the temper, that call instinct; The temper pressure back, just call skill!

Anomalous Observational Phenomena  per cognitionem veritatis: A BIG Essay: P.C. Spencer Photographed An Alien On...

Ilkley Moor Alien( guess obducted for real and then after that brainwashed to forget the real experience ;

More than a few alien abductees report being taken to rooms where what are known as “hybrid children“ are given toys to play with.

The Mahoneys of Jefferson County, Kentucky believe they have caught a picture of Bigfoot on their motion-sensitive camera, which they set up to find out where all their vegetables were disappearing to. This is what they caught:

generationexorcist: “Mythical Creatures: The Return of Bigfoot Among all of North America’s mysterious creatures, be it New Jersey’s Jersey Devil, Illinois’s Thunderbird, Wisconsin’s Werewolves, or.

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