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3500 years of Cappadocian cave homes: These unique underground havens once were used by early Followers of Jesus "Yeshua" to hide from Roman armies, yet they remain occupied to this day - 100 square miles with 200+ underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms and ancient temples, with each new civilization building on the work of the last.


Hittites - The very famous gate of two sphinxes of Hattuša, the capital of great Hittite Empire. This is the first empire that was centered in ancient Turkey. Their language is related to Latin, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic languages, etc. at Anatolia. Turkey.

Holocaust Museum, Israel. This "Hall of Names" provides the names and some photos of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust of WWII.

The Cyrus Cylinder, regarding King Cyros's treatment of religion, which is significant to the books of Chronicles,Ezra and Nehemiah.List of artifacts significant to the Bible - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Acropolis of Athens, seen from Philopappou hill. The Acropolis, directly influencing architecture and engineering in Western, Islamic, and Eastern civilizations up to the present day, 2400 years after construction.