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Taylor Says - Talia - Explosion

Taylor Says - Talia - Explosion Don't know if I'd wear them ever but it's so cool!

A new, dark and gritty superhero is out to get Spider-Man in 1974: the Punisher. The character was designed by legendary then Marvel art director John Romita. Writer Gerry Conway, who came up with the idea for the Punisher, says he might have been ahead of his time. The other feeling was that The Punisher was so violent that we couldn't really give him a regular comic book."**** You can own this comic book for around $490.

“I spoke with him a few times. He was one of my favorite conversations ever. He had an electrical conversational wit and was familiar and conversant on so many things. He had an intellect that was so alive and so engaged. It's very rare. He was just right there on everything: art, music, new bands, comic books, Japanese temples. It was just everything.”

Ghosts is a comic book series published by DC Comics for 112 issues from September-October 1971 to May 1982. Its tagline was "True Tales of the Weird and Supernatural" (Dec. 1978), changed to "New Tales of the Weird and Supernatural," as of #75 (Apr. 1979), and dropped after #104 (Sept. 1981). Paul Levitz, in a quote on Mark Evanier's News From Me blog, states that prolific scripter Leo Dorfman created the title, and noted "... while it wasn’t a fan favorite (then or in retrospect), it was a…

Rare DC Comics JUNK FOOD Don't Tell Batman Shirt Superman Catwoman NEW OOP HTF

This is hilarious. Rare DC Comics JUNK FOOD Don't Tell Batman Shirt Superman Catwoman NEW OOP HTF

ACTION COMICS #643 / Superman is back on Earth after his exile in space. After visiting the Daily Planet, he battles Turmoil and Morgan Edge has a heart attack. / George Pérez, Brett Breeding Pencils / George Pérez Superman #1 Homage Cover Art / Story By George Pérez

Your name is BECQUEREL HARLEY and you can’t stand most of your friends. Your name is QUINN EGBERT and you have an outrageous affinity for JESTERS. Your name is JASPERS LALONDE and you might be a bit too DAPPER for someone your age. Your name is CAL STRIDER and you love life. The four of you are about to play a hot new game that was just released. Unfortunately, this instance of the game is doomed, and you’re all going to die.