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Ahgggg perfect smile

Preferências Marvel

I got: Sebastian Stan, the Romanian sex God! Are you going to marry Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans or Chri.

That mouth has been to many beautiful places;)

sebastiansource: “Sebastian Stan heads to the Gym in Soho after a Jog on October 2016 in New York.

I love him soooooooo much

He is so fucking precious oh my fucking god. It is so fucking cute omg *heart eyes* - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

sebastian stan...wish i was the shirt...just clinging to him.

"sebastian stan ( WITH STARBUCKS )" — That shirt clings to him very nicely, and something about those sunglasses accentuates his lovely jawline.

All these years later and he still has the same adorable smile

Oh my god baby Sebastian ✪ Stan had that half smile too- how cute is that!♡ Seb looks like Jake Johnson as Nick Miller from New Girl here!

Just look how he moves! It's like he's dancing... Lord, this really makes me happy <<< I just caught myself staring wide eyed with my jaw hanging open... I wasn't drooling tho

Just look how he moves! It's like he's dancing. Lord, this really makes me happy <---- watch this while listening to IMMORTALS by fall out boy. It's like he's dancing 2 it!

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan