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Accepting that someone you love can't keep a promise they make may be the hardest thing of all. Actions > Words LoveLIfeTBD.com

I've been torn holding onto the things you promised and accepting the reality that you couldn't deliver

Ego's permanent injunction is that we cling to the familiar pain it induces lest we die. {jy}

Maybe sometimes we cling to the things that make us bleed because we'd rather feel the pain in the familiar than the peace in the unknown.

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. — "Never Trust a Mirror" May Erin Hanson Poetry

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It really sucks that you give the person you love the power to destroy you thinking it is in safe hands, but you find out the hard way that you trusted the wrong person because they didn't really care about your feelings when it inconvenienced them.

'Colorblind' @Atticuspoetry #Atticuspoetry

I wished this one person knew how much I cared about them. But I fucking blew the chance of them ever knowing, I mean I already hated myself, this made it SOOO much fucking worse