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Climate change softens up already-vulnerable Louisiana
GAO: Climate Change Threatens Energy Infrastructure - Oil refineries and drilling platforms in the U.S. are vulnerable to sea level rise and greater storm surge. Fuel pipelines, barges, railways and storage tanks are vulnerable to melting permafrost and severe weather.
Climate change will hit poor countries hardest, study shows Drought-prone areas will become drier and wet tropical regions wetter, says Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Include Climate Change in Disaster Planning, FEMA Says | Climate Central
Climate Change Will Mean More Malnourished Children, Experts Say - Food prices will more than double and the number of malnourished children spiral if climate change is not checked and developing countries are not helped to adapt their farming, food and water experts warned this past week at the U.N. climate talks in Doha.
Climate Change Responsible for Global Vegetation Change - The amount of vegetation in the world, and the way it is spread across the planet, has changed significantly in the last three decades, researchers say. They attribute more than half the changes they detected to the effects of the warming climate, with people responsible for only around a third. Surprisingly, perhaps, they are at a loss to attribute about 10 percent of the changes unequivocally to either the climate or us.
Temperatures have been on the rise in Brazil since the last time it hosted the World Cup.
Time to Consider Climate Change A Public Health Threat, Report Says brief, but to-the-point. this is affecting us, today.
Europe change in areas suitable for growing wine grapes through 2050