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I declare that God has a great plan timing, everything will turn out right.

Sleep well tonight - I LOVE this!

Believe with all your heart that God is writing a great story with your life. Let the lies fall. Know and believe the truth. Trust Him and sleep well tonight.

What I love <3

A true friend will bring you closer to God. A man who truly loves his wife will want her to be closer to God than himself. Be careful of people who do not.

Sometimes God doesn't change the situation because He's trying to change your heart.

Sometimes God Doesn’t Change Your Situation Because He’s Trying To Change Your Heart.

I've  had this repinned 63 times..so, I'll repin  it for someone who may really need it* God can restore anything, in his timing.

Praying for healing hearts! I pray they soften and be able to forgive and fully trust again. The door has been opened so I pray they can walk through and feel safe!

Truth…along with this is do not allow people to hear your story or question where you are to just "know" whats going on….I have learned with so many people when they asked how I am doing….I never give details of where I am on the journey. They only ask for their own benefit…I am learning who can be trusted. If they are not helping in the solution then don't give them your story…Stand firm.

Trust there is a reason. It has come at a perfect time. God says there is a reason some people leave your life!

My life is not perfect but it is GOOD

Dear God, I did not sleep well last night but I did wake up. My muscles are sore, but they work. My wallet is not full but belly is. My life is not perfect but my life is GooD.

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The Gods have a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand their wisdom, but we simply have to have faith.

Never give up on your prayers because we serve an Awesome God who works things out for the good to all those who love and serve him.  God is faithful!!

God is always faithful to answer. Sometimes His answer is a much desired yes. Sometimes His answer is a merciful no. Sometimes His answer is a faith-building not yet.sometimes when an answer cannot be found, His answer is simply Trust Me.


5 things God's children should never worry about. Bring it all to the Lord in prayer.

God's timing is perfect.

Remember this. His timing is always perfect. Gods ways are greater than our own. Trust Him. Have faith in His plans.

Two universal truths about love; love always invoves action & sacrifice...make that three truths - it's beautiful.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians one of my all time favorite verses