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The plank is an excellent way to strengthen your core.

Resistance Band Ab Workout • The BEST Resistance Band Ab Exercises

30 day plank challenge-i am SO doing this. simplest workout ever! notice i said SIMPLE and not EASY. lol planks are not easy!

Planks: die Anleitung

7 ½ Minuten-Workout: das Ganzkörper-Workout mit Sofort-Effekt

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Pike: while in plank add alternately dropping one foot to floor Curl: add push-up; try single leg (Fitness Challenge Gym)

Der Liege- und Unterarmstütz, sogenannte Planks, sind die beste Übung für einen definierten Körper. Und du brauchst weder spezielle Sportutensilien, noch viel Zeit. Fünf Minuten Training am Tag genügen, um deinen Körper mit dem Full-Body-Workout zu stärken.

Planks: Diese Übungen definieren deinen Körper

Eveybody is looking for a routine to burn fat and build six packs abs. Check this one and build those abs

Do this 5-exercise super circuit to TIGHTEN, compress, and suck-in your INNER…

Do this super circuit to TIGHTEN, compress, and suck-in your INNER abs (aka your transverse abdominis). They're really important for strong posture and building a compact, flat core. Super bod, here we come!

Push-up into unstable plank    Come into push-up position with feet hip-width apart, hands directly under shoulders, and body in straight line from head to heels.    Inhale and bend elbows to lower body toward the floor. Exhale and explode back up, raising left arm and right leg at top of push-up so they’re parallel to floor. Repeat on opposite side; that’s 1 rep. Do 10 reps.

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