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6 Things I Realized About Myself After A Life Changing Event: So how did I find out who I really am today, and even more importantly how did I accept this new me and embark on a unfamiliar path that is filled with promise and positivity?

So in response to the question “Who am I today?” I think I’ve reached a new level of understanding. I am a strong woman who has been through a lot but can find positives in the pain. I draw my self-worth from the people whom I help and the smile that I impart on others. I am a uniquely goofy weirdo who can create a good time from a pile of garbage. But most importantly I am constantly evolving and not in fear of doing so.

Who am I? Should be an easy question to answer considering you’ve known yourself for the entirety of your existence. But if you’ve ever been through an extreme difficulty in your life that rocks your core and inevitably changes major portions of the YOU that you once knew, that question may be a bit more tricky to answer.

It is my boyfriends 28th birthday today and that has me looking back on our 9 years together. I don’t think love is an accurate depiction of the overwhelming feelings I have for him. The history we have is filled with so many ups and downs its like a roller coaster that spans the extent of this earth. But throughout our trials we’ve always approached our life as an ‘us against the world’ mentality.

Their constant support is what carries me through the hard times. Their never ending optimism is what keeps my head focused to my healthy future. Their eternal love is what will help me recover from this disease and go on to live a happy, prosperous, exciting life.

I began by praying. I didn’t know what I was doing or who this “Lord” everyone talks about was, but I reach out to Him. I asked Him to help during this time. I asked Him to give me strength. To bring me relief from my symptoms or at least an ounce of hope that this debilitation and isolation wouldn’t be the extent of my life.

Piano is my passion, a stress reliever, and where I feel closest to God. It is also when I believe I am the most creative, intelligent, and accomplished. When I practice I get a sense of pride that fills me with such elation it’s like falling in love. And this is why when I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that greatly effected my neurological capabilities I was petrified to my core that I’d never play again.

I was given Chronic Lyme because I have a huge mouth. That’s right, it’s because God knew I would broadcast this disease to anyone who would listen. I would than disseminate that information in every way possible. Once I had this realization my anger, sadness, and ‘why mes’ stopped entirely.I have a purpose in this lifetime and its not to be in bed all day. It is to get well, than assist others in finding health.

This is a list that I promised to check off before I “kick the bucket over” and gave up my fight with Lyme, succumbing to a discouraged reality of solitude, despair, and surrender. I wanted this list to be a constant inspiration. A set of goals that I pledged to complete. A lineup of ambitious targets that I would use as encouragement to fight through a disease that was clawing to keep me down.