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Honcho Poncho: Wearable Water-Resistant Blanket

This water-resistant blanket doubles as a cozy and warm poncho to keep you as warm as possible on a chilly day.

niXaX: The Effective and Easy Steak Tenderizer

Instead of beating you meat with a blunt object or stabbing it repeatedly with a small knife (cooking steak is very violent, apparently!), this new product makes the task quick and effective. The niXaX is an easy steak tenderizer with patent-pending technology that does the whole task in less than 20 seconds! Dinner will be on the grill and tasting great in record time.

Oxo Good Grip: Make Perfect Pineapple Rings

Using the Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer is painfully simple – just slice the top of the fruit off, and twist the slicer onto the fruit for perfect pineapple rings every time.

Life Tips of the Week #109

Pack a small first-aid kit or Q-tip supply inside a prescription pill bottle when traveling or camping outdoors.

The Aurelian Vase

A vase’s function is to hold flowers upright for noticeability while providing a source of water for longevity. The beauty of flowers held inside a vase is indisputably instant.

Barr & Stroud Sprite: The Waterproof Monocular

The gadget is essentially half the size of your standard pair of binoculars. It really is the perfect size to slip into your travelling pocket for easy access, and is made of a lightweight polycarbonate material. This means no more frantically digging through your bag, or weighing down your neck with heavy binoculars.

Light Wing: Impossibly Light Tyvek Paper Shoes

Weighing at 150g, these are impossibly light shoes! You'll never guess you can make paper-thin shoes that are meant to be walked on everyday.

Checkmate: Portable Chess Set

Mirage Portable Chess Set is a portable form of the traditional chess game, designed for chess fans who want to play the game anywhere, at anytime. The chess set includes both a digital projector and chess pieces, allowing users the flexibility of either playing it the old-fashioned way, i.e., with other people, or with a user interface by connecting it to a computer and using the pieces to play an online game.

Tout Terrain: Single Trailer For Families

The Tout Single Trailer is the ideal solution for families who are interested in biking, camping, and long hikes even on rough terrains.

The PET Lamp Project

Light up any space with these cool sustainable wicker lamps! Hand-made using recycled plastic bottles.