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Slap them

Oh this made me laugh out loud! Coffee quotes: if someone tried to tell you not to have that cup of coffee, you slap them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

The Coffee Process I am finding a sharpie and writing on my cup

The Coffee Process

morning cup of Coffee.I know it says tea time but my first cup is always coffee in the mornings

Funny Workplace Ecard: Do you see coffee in my hand yet? No. So then why are you still talking?

Funny Workplace Ecard: Do you see SPARK in my hand yet? So then why are you still talking?


And then she had the audacity to ask if I wanted regular or decaf. I said, ‘Honey, it’s Monday…don’t even play.

Coffee always comes first! #Coffee #MrCoffee #CoffeeHumor

Coffee always comes first! #Coffee #MrCoffee #CoffeeHumor

Blunt Cards Coffee | can t tell you the number of times i ve fantasized about running my ...

I+grocery store and Walmart! Hate going shopping. can't+tell+you+the+number+of+times+I've+fantasized+about+running+my+cart+into+the+heels+of+the+stupid+people+that+block+the+aisles+at+the+grocery+store.

I drink water constantly. Flavored water. Made from all natural ingredien-- Fine. It's coffee. Happy?

Coffee Humor: I drink water constantly. Made from all natural ingredients -- Fine. It's coffee.

Crack up while you charge up. Last one to finish their drink changes the next diaper.

15 Funny Coffee Mugs for Moms


Coffee Mug Sorry for what I said before I had my Coffee by WholeWildWorld, funny humor cup

Every time I have an early class, I always get myself a coffee from Starbucks. Sometimes it's the only thing that makes me want to go to class.

This is totally me! Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that when I wake up, I get coffee