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WIWT earlier this week MTM green herringbone jacket fitted by La Couleur Blanche for Oger, striped shirt Purple Label, vintage pocket square, purple tie & boutonnière by hook + ALBERT

I'm a fan of salmon and coral. It works nicely with lavender, and the tightness of the pinstripes overcomes the pattern conflict.

The Tulip Knot - This knot is from the loose fit range of tie knots. It is one of the most striking looking knots that you can tie and will always attract attention. It’s tied a little bit like the Eldredge, but with the loose bits to give that extra space. in your face and flashy, so where it somewhere where it will fit in. Elton John’s Oscars party perhaps

Classy casual men's style - In order to have a credible look, the color of the pinstripes should be reversed. White should be wider than blue. The tie has too much volume. It should be smaller so that it is in harmony with the jacket.

Purple blue Paisley Tie, with plum pinstripes over soft purple with white collar shirt. Very continental.

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