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The gym is my drug;

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This goes thru my mind a zillion times when I'm on a long run.

There is no single way to lose weight.

There is no single way to lose weight. The reason people are successful at it is because they dig, and search, and discover a way that works for them, through patience and trial and error.


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The sweat.  The time.  The devotion.  It pays off.

The sweat, time, and devotion pays off - stick with it!

Motivation quote

Motivation quote This is so true.

Squats fitness humor

Squats fitness humor

Stop asking me how I lost so much weight!!!! Not magic, pills, wraps, overnight..... Eating RIGHT not less: I actually eat more now!  So stop expecting less work and go for the RIGHT stuff!!!

for those of you who starve yourself, DONT! for those of you who dont eat all day just so you can eat one big meal, DONT! eat right, eat healthy and you WILL see results!



It IS tomorrow

Need to remember this. It's so true

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So true. I don't like the girls at the gym who are just there to show off their cute workout clothes or body—with their makeup and hair just perfect, even after they're done "working out". And makeup id do bad for your skin while working out!

work hard in the gym, work even harder in the kitchen

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"When you look in the mirror, see no change, and still keep the faith, knowing that in time you will get there if you stay focussed and on track. That's the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Get to the fucking gym

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Fitness Quotes: Motivational Sayings To Help You Stick To Your Resolutions #fitness #fit #motivation #inspiration #fitspiration

Fitness Quotes: Motivational Sayings To Help You Stick To Your Resolutions