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decorating ideas for apartment - I can't decide if this is cute or cramped.

First Apartment Essentials: Checklist and Guide

Apartments, Studio Apartment Design White Fur Carpet Big Puffy Pillow Pink Puffy Sofa Yellow Pillow White Green Pillow Transparent Vase With Flower Red Soft Chair White Book Shelf: Likable Studio Apartment Design

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The CABRIO Balcony Windows go from a roof window to a balcony in seconds. Top half opens like a traditional roof window for days no balacony is wanted.

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Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular due to the cost of upgrading to a bigger home. But will a loft conversion add value to your property? Here’s the lowdown on loft conversions, including some top tips

Velux Cabrio balcony system. This shows what it looks like from the inside. I'm thinking this might be the way I do the upstairs.

Buy a stunning VELUX or FAKRO Juliet balcony roof window with the UK's largest window supplier.

Rincones zen

Get the VELUX GGL 207030 Solar Window White Painted today. Ken's Yard offer a great range of VELUX White Painted Windows and a wider range of VELUX Windows.