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Image of สุภัชชา สาบวช SS

Image of สุภัชชา สาบวช SS

gay8:  Kaye Blegvadporcelain cats, 2014

Part-time Londoner/ Part-time Brooklyner/ Full-time cool illustrator and ceramic artist Kaye Blegvad.

Amy Leeworthy Ceramics -95.jpg

⌓ Wheel thrown stoneware vase ⌓ Hand painted matte and satin glaze ⌇ 110 x 120 mm approx ⌇Dishwasher safe / Food safe

Ryszard Grosz

d - 8 cm h - 9 cm clear matt glaze + some deco with cobalt carbonate - cone 10 electric szkliwo transparent mat + prosta niebywale.