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Wonder Woman I waited my whole life for this. Wonderful film, great action sequences, an amazing, fully rounded portrayal of Diana!

DIY Wonder Woman tiara and bracelets. Tiara: found a template on Pinterest for the shape of the crown. Then traced it onto peel &stick glitter foam sheet, cut it out. Hot glued a piece of felt to the back of the peel and stick (for something soft against the skin) Finally, I took a piece of elastic and hot glued it in between the glitter foam and felt.  Bracelets, two toilet paper rolls cut for openings then cut and glued glitter foam sheets to them. Stars are peel and stick glitter foam…

12+ DIY Superhero Costume Ideas for Kids

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Wonder Woman Costume Evolution [Infographic] from 1941, through Lynda Carter, to Gal Gadot in Batman v Superman

Wonder Woman Costumes: The Evolution of a Superheroine [Infographic]

Evolution of Wonder Woman Costume - Movie Infographic. Topic: dccomics, superman - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Exclusive: Wonder Woman's new costume is fierce, fabulous, and deadly. Plus five more brand-new covers from DC's June solicits!

Exclusive: Wonder Woman’s new costume is fierce, fabulous, and deadly