Abstract Painting by American Artist Debora Gilbert Ryan, New York, 1978 - Oil and encaustic on canvas abstract painting by American painter Debora Gilbert Ryan, 1978. Debora Gilbert Ryan received education at Wellesley and her graduate program at Columbia University. Ms. Ryan speaks about her influences, "About that same time, around 1977, there was a big Jasper Johns retrospective. I found his images much more interesting than the abstract ones that I was working with. #20thcenturybyhkfa

Pair of Mid-19th Century Formal Portraits, American School Possibly Philadelphia - Need ancestors? Here's a great pair...

Important Iron Sculpture by American Artist Tom Joyce - Tom Joyce is an American artist, trained as a blacksmith. This work by Mr. Joyce is spherical in form where the outside of the sculpture is left to rust naturally. The split down the center of sphere is finished internally creating a strong contrast. This work is unsigned. #20thcenturybyhkfa #modernlookbook

Space Shuttle over Harlem Oil Painting by Nyc Artist Clintel Steed, 2012 | 1stdibs.com

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